I’ll be your towtruck driver baby

Change your flats and keep you well pumped up

With the breath your beauty takes away from me

Gladly giving a mighty blow to reinflate your leaky wheel


If you ever hit a ditch

I’ll hook you up and pull you free


If you need a mechanic

I’ll pop your hood

Lubricate those hidden parts

Keep everything greased and running smoothly

Change your plugs and belts and hoses

When they need it

Each visit includes a 37 point inspection

It’ll only take a moment

To keep you running smoothly

And your engine purring


David Trudel  (c)  2012




Filed under Poetry

5 responses to “Flat

  1. I might need some new ball bearings while you’re at it..Ha!

  2. I do need new calipers…hmmm. Something tells me you wouldn’t want the brakes working all that well here, metaphorically speaking of course 😉

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