Winter Solstice

In this place the rocks can talk            IMG_1559

Eroded and fuzzed with lichen and moss

They live in slow motion

Groaning their conversations across the ages

They don’t waste time on pleasantries

When you find the right pool of water

On a day like the solstice

A little reflecting can go a long way


IMG_1560   If the light of the sun hits the oblique just so

   If your mind relaxes and stops its chattering

   A little reflection is good for the soul

   Looking deep into the shallow pool

   This teardrop lets you find a way into the rock

   If you can manage to not quite look

   Perhaps a vision might be seen

   And if you listen very slow

Slower still

You’ll hear the murmur deep below

And if you can step between the cracks     IMG_1561

You might just start to change

Become a different kind of bird

In a shadowland absurd





David Trudel  ©  2012            Images by the author





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2 responses to “Winter Solstice

  1. Brilliant brilliant!! And the images just take me there with you!

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