Speech From the Father of the Bride

I want to start by saying thank you to everyone here for helping to make this a very special occasion for Ana-Maria and Devin.  It’s a momentous day, not just for them but also for our extended families who now become intertwined through the love of our children.  So to the L______  family, welcome.  I am looking forward to getting to know you all better over the months and years ahead.


But I don’t want to take up too much time talking about family dynamics and formalities.  This day is all about Devin and Ana-Maria and the love they share.


Unconditional love


Love that gives itself freely

Cling free love

Love that doesn’t need reassurance or reciprocity

But simply says, be free

My love, be free


In the now of a forever more


You’ll share post-colonial love

Anarchistic love

Unbound by convention

But held together by respect


Now, synthesizing your separate selves into integrated newness


Sharing a single heartbeat

Which is the only sound you hear


You’ll speak a language of sighs and silences

Of breaths inhaled

Your punctuation done with looks and touches

The language of love has a complex grammar

Where silences can speak volumes

But shouldn’t

And as your fluency increases

You’ll learn to sing your love together in harmony

Composing symphonies of love on the fly

And there’ll be a time to come

When other voices join the chorus

To sing the song of your love

The song you started singing today

Resonating into a lifetime of lifetimes


This day is all about Devin and Ana-Maria and the love they share.


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