Heaven and hell co-exist




Wherever that might be

True enough for me over the years

In both regards


But in a swirl of blackening balance

My pristine esthetic ambience

Has been visited by the dark side

Evil stalks even these charmed streets


Where a few blocks away

A miniature farm with miniature horses

That by daylight delights the drivers by

Was sadly vandalized by night


Leaving the broken body of a beautiful Falabella

Caramel and white pinto named China Doll

Dolly, as she was called

Only 75 centimeters tall at the shoulders

Fours years old

Broken into, literally

Left broken to die in the dark

No cause for panic, say the police

Who continue to investigate

But if not panic, how about grief, horror, disgust


At this too close reminder

That as much as this earth can be a paradise

It has every layer of hell and then some

Around the next corner



David Trudel   ©  2013



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