The Tarot card reader looks disappointed

My brief show of interest is only that

Brief, and just a show

Since I have no intention of being read

I turn to go

She looks lonely and I briefly reconsider

But I don’t want to be influenced by the limitations of that deck

I want all my possible futures left unchecked

So I go

Moments later I find the room where the workshops take place

This one is a Group Auric Reading and Healing

As I find a chair the clairvoyant smiles at me

I meet her with a smile in return

She tells me I have a special energy

Thanks, don’t we all?

I say, trying to be polite

And with a conspiratorial glance we admit

We know most people never uncover theirs

And that’s fine, so we smile again and I settle into my seat

But this group has enough power

To light up the multi-dimensional space around us

In layers that are peeled back

With insightful observations that are pointedly personal

And generally general

Specific and vague and mysterious and true

So when its time to go

Its with gratitude and affirmation

Cosmically aware of infinity

And all its limitations

And mine too



David Trudel   ©  2013




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