Finding Hope

Despair captures me

Throws me into detention

A dark place where what little hope remains

Drains from me, drop by drop

I see visions of the apocalypse

Hear wailing cries of tortured lost souls

I choke on the bitter smoke of burnt treasures

I lose hope completely

As angry swarms of ignorant haters stomp innocents with misplaced beliefs

Choosing rigid false assumptions and crazed suppositions as rules

This is our world

Where we give up on hope

To revel in hate

Where injustice and corruption rule with iron fist finality

But a moonbeam finds a fissure to creep into my cell

A silvery signal that reminds me that hope is never lost

Just misplaced

So I try the door

It’s unlocked

I open it and regain my freedom

Freedom to choose hope and lose despair

Freedom to believe that love is always around the corner

I dress myself in optimism and wear a smile as my fashion accessory

Nothing detains me from finding hope



David Trudel  ©  2013




Filed under Poetry

3 responses to “Finding Hope

  1. very good, love the way you ended this,like always good poem David

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