Tall Time

Linear time runs on different scales

Seemingly different to ants and tortoises

Humans are too busy to listen to creaking firs and cedars

Moaning their long dirges over centuries

The rocks themselves

Compressed fire locked into form

Spellbound for millennia

Eventually even they’ll be broken


On the universal scale

Each single sound ever uttered on this earth

Is inconsequential

Collectively, all our sounds, all our prayers

Each heartfelt plea

Each scream in the dark

The droning bores of the banal and mundane

Squeals of delight

Laughter in starlight

Exhortations of nations

And all the music ever played

Collectively barely muster a microscopic chirp

Hardly audible to the heavens


Passing so quickly that the meaning of it all is lost

Except for a proclamation of presence

No matter how ephemeral

We’re here



David Trudel   © 2013




Filed under Poetry

2 responses to “Tall Time

  1. Seb

    That’s so cool. And the sad thing is that people are so afraid to use the short time they have that they have to make up concepts like afterlifes to give themselves reassurance that they haven’t wasted the life they’ve got

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