I will go stormwalking

Let myself be battered by wind and rain

Dodge wet branches torn loose and slapped to the trail

I will go stormwalking

To feel the power of the elements

Remembering who is in charge

Not some politician wielding a poison pen

But our capacious foster mother

Who is not afraid to rinse mouths

Or apply some discipline

I will go stormwalking

To feel her gentle slap of remonstration

To hear her out

In her own words



David Trudel  ©  2013




Filed under Poetry

3 responses to “Stormwalking

  1. Stormwalking…I really like the concept. Well done, David.

    • Thanks so much. In the event, the storm blew itself far too quickly. Some years, here in Victoria, we get pummelled by storms coming in out of the Pacific but this has been a very mild winter and we’re already into spring according to the sprouts and shoots. I live on a hill, and back on to a fabulous park, part forest and part rocky knolls with sweeping views. It has a network of trails and it can be extremely invigorating to experience a storm there. I love stormwalking!

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