Ida Nomore

600373_10151333157542036_2060481016_nI look into your eyes and see determination

I see courage born of oppression

Of knowing that the worst is only more of the same

And since you’ve taken enough shit for a generation

It’s not exactly child’s play

But it ain’t as bad as giving in

There are no more excuses

No more retreats

When so many backs are walled

A line forms

And damn it

You say, you know what?

Fuck you assholes

If you want to play that way

I’ll take you on

I’ll set the stage

On the granite steps of your monumental edifice

With a lawn chair

A few signs

And time



David Trudel   © 2013


Filed under Poetry

6 responses to “Ida Nomore

  1. this is beautiful gilakasla for this… …holding crisse (ida no more) up in this way is very honoring and i thank you for that

  2. Ida Nomore

    Wow amazing ty sssooooo much for such a gift ur support n concern n presence amazes me n drives me to not give up or ever feel like this is useless.
    Gifts no matter big or small are equally important n finding ur passion n gifts to support the movement n share moments n standing in solidarity of different issues but sharing same concerns with current government policies n leg is what brings us together. Once again ty

  3. David,
    Alright, I’m a fan.

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