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Sustenance of the Tides

Kelp ribbons roll lithely in the watery verge

Here, at this pebbly place on the rim of the Pacific

By extension all the seven oceans

All the Mobius stripped beaches that girdle these waters

Connected as immediately as any wave

This is one spot on the edge of the largest swimming hole on earth

There is no crashing surf here now

Just insistent lapping of lakelike wavelets

Tumbled and bleached forest bones border the beach

Thrown out of the great maw during winter storms

When the tides surrender what they will

Cold grey water a disguised mystery masquerading as the sky

Or revealing the black depths beneath the skin of this strange animal

That feeds us and eats us

Ocean, the supreme seductress and the original sin

The soup kitchen that feeds the DNA of all life

Ocean, always ready to betray our affections

With primordial fury

Don’t take it personally, we’re told

This mooned lover gets pulled out of shape regularly

Throws outlandish temper tantrums

Then, settles back into rhythm

Metronomic as clockwork

Gentle as the crispwind breeze in my face

Ready to fall for the same old tricks again



David Trudel      ©  2013



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A Toast to Regret

This is for the thought that slipped away

And for the words that crumbled at my touch

This is for the feeling that couldn’t be expressed

Elusive into bitterness

This is for the love that didn’t stay

The love that didn’t bother to unpack

But left without a backwards glance

This is for the pain that never fades

The chronic longing of the unrequited many

This is for the false starts and might have beens

The unrealized potential of the never was

But should have been

This is for the anger that flared up

Burning bridges across deepening divides

This is for the smoldering resentment that hangs around unwanted

Homeless but camped out at my front door

This is for the time I should have called but didn’t

This is for the weakness I nurture and carry with me

This is for the look that ended with a turn away instead of towards

This is for the rapids never run

Mountains never climbed or just because

All the things I didn’t do but should have

And those I did but shouldn’t have

But mostly I regret not loving you



David Trudel  © 2013




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Here, I sit and wait

Until the daylight fades


Still you don’t come

Even though I didn’t think you would




So I pull the shades

Turn away from the window


Look away from the phone


I won’t go on Facebook

I don’t want to know


Instead the light diminishes into dark

While I wait today


Here, I sit and wait

Until the daylight fades


Here, I sit and wait

Until the daylight fades


Until the daylight fades


The daylight fades


Fades away





David Trudel    © 2013



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In my interregnum standing timeless

Watching the evolution of madness spin this world

Unpledged to any vested interest or reward

Judging only what I see and understand

Watching the evolution of madness spin this world

Freedom needs solitude to expand into perception

Judging only what I see and understand

Drifting in uncharted waters

Freedom needs solitude to expand into perception

An adventure counted in smiles

Drifting in uncharted waters

Where anyplace you get to

An adventure counted in smiles

Is a destination in itself

In my interregnum standing timeless

Unpledged to any vested interest or reward



David Trudel  © 2013



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Hippie Chicks and Gumboot Stomps

There is always a salty tang in the air

On these time warped island enclaves where

Time loops itself around the summer of love

Where you can still hear the cellophane being torn from Sgt Pepper’s

For the first time

And patchouli oil arrives in 45 gallon drums

To anoint tied dyed dervishes

Unconcerned with convention or shifting fashions

Hippie chicks and gumboot stomps still rattle the boards

In moss covered community halls

As loose tunes carom off moonbeams into midnights

Where memories bleed into one another

Passed around like joints on the back porch at the break

Where the tide is a constant presence

Lifting each rocky island up

Then washing it down

Where the rhythm of life is punctuated

By arrivals and departures of coastal ferries

Carrying 30 year old Volvos and even older punch buggies

On and off these islands of no return

Where homespun sweaters are more popular than yoga pants

And woodstoves bake solid loaves of love

Pungent with unadulterated truth

Where home means more than a place to sleep

But is a state of being in the moment

That wraps itself inside out with summery love

Garnished with unconnected freedom

And the sharp pull of the sea



David Trudel   © 2013




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Cold and gray, the day drizzled itself awake

Turned inward

Clouds lowered the ceiling to basement height

Out in the strait a fogbank prowled like a pack of wolves

Raggedly harassing trawlers and travelers

Like me, ascending the short ladder from the lurching float

Into the seaplane’s cold cabin

Soon packed sardine tin tight with sullen suits

What shreds of sleep still lingered torn away by the roar and rattles

Of the slap happy runway race across the waves

Up into the lowering clouds which kept a lid on

Then the pack of wolves returned

To nip and heel the seaplane back to cold reality

We could have dropped a line for lunch

But with a lurch and clang we met a reef

Rising up where it shouldn’t have been but was

Hyper wakeful we watched kelp beds swirl dim greenly in the fog

While the echo of the pontoon kissing rock reverberated

Over the shock of this unexpected interruption

When flight no longer soared but saw the sea close up

Motoring like a dragonfly boat back to port

Defeated by raindrops and the mist

We shook off dreams in drizzled fear

Dodging disaster for a time

This time when the sea pulled back the leash



David Trudel     © 2013



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So many people sleepwalk through life

You are not one


When I see your eyes


[don’t look at me that way]

I see the universe

[it’s complicated]

I barely know you

But I know that you feel it


[there’s room outside the lines to play]

[it’s really complicated, give me time]

Creation’s maelstrom isn’t a threat

But a playground for the willing

For those whose eyes remember

That souls are born in daydreams

[I see your eyes sparkling]

[I like it when you look at me that way]



David Trudel   ©  2013




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Leaves unfurling like a thousand green spinnakers

Catching the wind

Each leaf its own tale

I read these trees

Through fresh green pages

Like reading the whispers of others

In this consequence of narrative

Where each tale is separate but connected

Like each green flag is anchored on branches

I hear each murmur that comes my way

Each note and comment adds to the story

That I piece together organically

So that even as I revel in today’s fresh green garments

I read foreshadowings of rusty autumn in the wind

When these solitary voices will be stripped away

And nobody will remember spring’s tale



David Trudel   ©  2013




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Tanka 1

Wondrous flowers bloom

Into radiant beauty

So impermanent

Each look a kiss that echoes

Briefly, before fading out



David Trudel  © 2013




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There’s so much I’ll never know about you

I don’t even want to try

There’s so much I want to tell you about me

I don’t even want to try

It’s not so much about where we’ve been

Or what we’re running from

Received truth is never complete

Regardless of good intentions

Truth has to be experienced from the inside out

In the raw immediacy of the moment

Even then you’ll have your perspective

I’ll have mine

An intersection of two truths

Found in a shared look

Two paths to the same place

For now



David Trudel  ©  2013




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