Someplace Else

Somewhere you conjure a multiverse dreamscape

You are the epicenter of gravity

I am your captive

No pretense of demure modesty

No frown faced mask but naked lust plays easily

Twinkling your eyes into diamond brilliance

Cutting through distractions to core attractions

Until we spin infinity orbits into blackholed mystery

Becoming zodiacs entwined

Writing celestial destinies on limitless skies

Words written in explosions of creation

Visible across voids and ages

Touching where our light intersects

Stellar vibration of recognition in cosmic flashes

Shared between us

Alone together in eternity



David Trudel   © 2013




Filed under Poetry

3 responses to “Someplace Else

  1. Stellar and sensual all rolled up into this cosmic love piece! If this is what you tell the girls…well maybe I should get in line;)

  2. Going to be a long line–we can keep each other company in it while we wait, Nirvani (love the spiritual name, BTW).

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