308519_3066686681960_555681767_nIt shouldn’t be surprising

Any more than the white thunder that flattened Hiroshima

Shouldn’t have been a surprise for the civilians sacrificed

At peace’s altar

Blasted piecemeal into a moment crystallized forever

Then repeated and repeated

With the schoolyard glee of boys armed with limitless firecrackers

Enough to blow up atolls and islands

Turning paradise into a chronic wasteland

Remembered in the half life of swimsuit fashions

Celebrated with an improbable mushroom cloud cake

Cut into by atomic admirals

Eating up devil’s food with abandon and blind faith

Not the angel puffs they were told about

Unaware of the repercussions of crazed meals and crazed militarism

Fracturing realities with cosmic hammer blows

Smiling for the camera and posterity

In a poisonous celebration of violence

David Trudel   ©  2013

Photo taken November 5, 1946 at the Officer’s Club of the Army War College, Washington, D.C. at an event named “Salute to Bikini”

Photo credited to Harris & Ewing Photo Studio, published in the Washington Post November 7, 1946


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8 responses to “Cake

  1. Holy crap, cannot believe they did this.

  2. I know. It seems like a bizarre thing to do, even given the context of the WW2 ethos. It became a controversial talking point back in the day and may have started to raise some “ban the bomb” consciousness.

  3. Wow, that is pretty shocking!

  4. jkmhoffman

    Reblogged this on kjmhoffman.

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