Do you remember

When it was transformational

When music pied pipered us

Into a sociological world view


At odds with conformity


At odds with authority


Just so


It was hot time, summer in the city

It was big birds flying in the sky

It was patchouli oil and Acapulco gold


As we wandered through


Listening and observing

Ultimately deciding to side with the offside


Holding to the beat

Of the untamed

The wild

The beat

Listening to wild beats

Among the beasts


We were wild and untamed


Worlds constrict

Even as the beats began resounding


The beat


We waited



David Trudel  ©  2013




Filed under Poetry

2 responses to “Memory

  1. Every decade has had a culture change because of music. The ones I remember are:
    50s – Rock and Roll
    60s – The Revolution
    70s – Disco
    80s – New Wave and Punk
    90s – Hip Hop
    00s – Rap
    While I personally think the 60s made the most social impact on that and subsequent generations…one could see and feel the cultural shift with each genre of the time. Nothing, in my opinion or experience, defines the generations more than the music each grew up with. 🙂

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