It’s all about fragments

Small pieces of everything

Becoming and unbecoming

Randomly mixing

Fixing into stasis momentarily

Until transformation happens inevitably


We all know the solitude of raindrops

A journey from birth to death

Falling from the heavens to the depths

But we forget the ocean we came from

And to which we’ll return


We look around entranced by illusions

Thinking that there’s permanence in this collective delusion

Forgetting that matter is mostly space

When you look into it


And in the long thrum of the ages

The most monotonous beat is change

Blending everything that ever was

Into everything that will ever be


The particles that make us real

Come from everywhere

Inside us all are memories of primordial seas

Mysterious creatures that we’ve never dreamed

Rocks and trees and dinosaurs

All live on inside our cores


Not just the past

But every future possibility

Echoes in our veins

We just need to learn to listen

To the eternal resonance of creation



David Trudel  ©  2013



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