Upcoming surgery

I am writing to let you know that I have been diagnosed with a heart condition called aortic stenosis, which means my aortic valve isn’t functioning properly.  As a result, I’ll be undergoing surgery on July 22nd  to replace the faulty valve with a mechanical one.  I’ll be in hospital for about a week and full recovery takes about three months.


It’s likely that this was something I was born with and has gradually worsened over the years.  I haven’t experienced any symptoms and if my family physician hadn’t noticed a heart murmur and sent me for tests, the first sign of the disease may well have been a massive heart attack. Ironically, I have never felt better after losing so much weight over the past year or so, moving to a raw/vegan diet and exercising on an almost daily basis.


As much as I know that there will be pain and inconvenience involved through this process I am looking at it as a positive experience that will help to keep me around for many years to come. So rather than keeping quiet about it I’ve decided to let everyone know what I’m going through. I will try to keep the heartsick metaphors to a minimum on the poetry front, but no promises on that.







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5 responses to “Upcoming surgery

  1. Best wishes David on the procedure and in recovery.

  2. Doris

    Even if you are feeling good, I am glad you are taking time for your body, best wishes on the procedure and the recovery Sending blessings!

  3. Thank you both for your kind wishes, I really appreciate it. Life is full of interesting adventures.

  4. Playing catch up so just seen this hope all went well and you are home and on the mend

    • Hi, I’m still a work in progress at this point. I’ve had lots of preliminary appointments and procedures but the surgery itself is a bout a week away. I’ll probably be in hospital for a week or so and then several months recovery. I hope to be back writing fairly soon though. Thanks Paula, I appreciate your kind thoughts!

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