Don’t wish

It’s a guarantee that your heart will be broken

By your own hand


Don’t wish


Life is meant to be random

Each day

Each twist in the tale or turn in the trail

Brings the unexpected



Wishes are curses that limit infinite potential

What we think we need today

Isn’t what we’ll need tomorrow

Live each moment like it’s your last

Finding joy in the glory of being present

Realize that you can never control externalities

So stop trying


Don’t wish


There are only two things that you can control

Your own behavior and attitude

That’s it

So behave well and stay optimistic

Stop trying to change reality

Accept it gracefully

Grateful for all the gifts life brings

Even those gifts that don’t come beautifully wrapped have value

Lessons that are hard to learn turn out to be the most valuable


So don’t wish




David Trudel  ©  2013



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