Each drop carries an ocean of rumors

Stories of deep ocean currents and mountain passes

Tales of caverns deep in the earth where time slumbered

Until pressure released a torrent

One drop remembers rivers

Another was a crystal snowflake

One drop sings of tears flowing

They remember the ascent into clouds

And the push of the jet stream

One drop was painted by a rainbow

Shimmering in the sky

While its neighbor tells of dripping intravenously

Into the arm of a dying man

Each drop has made this journey before

Countless times

Transmuting, in an endless cycle of becoming

Sometimes a passenger

Sometimes a carrier

Constantly flowing

Shapeshifting between states of unbecoming grace

Eternally fluid

Raindrops are immortal

Ubiquitous witnesses of our superficial passing

Each drop erodes our perception of reality

Cleansing us with the truth



David Trudel      © 2013



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