It’s as if I’ve been bled once too often

Leaving me hollow and indifferent

I am bemused by the lovestruck and the lovelorn

Who brandish their heartfelt emotions

Like Tibetan prayer flags

I try to listen to my own heart

Then get distracted by the noise

I try to make sense of distant wars and rebellions

But I can’t

I appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds me

Even if I can’t find words to reflect that beauty

Superficial thoughts pop into my mind like cheap firecrackers

Leaving exploded promises smoldering

I string letters into words

Words into phrases

They don’t satisfy me

So I delete them

I listen

I watch

Waiting like a hunter in a blind

For an unsuspecting quarry

Nothing comes

I am patient, knowing that I am on a game trail

I only have to wait a while longer

Before the prey returns



David Trudel   © 2013




Filed under Poetry

10 responses to “Hunt

  1. As the poem left off, I am wondering what you will do with the catch? Dark clouds form.

  2. beware,
    master hunter,
    for in the dark of night,
    even the most fierce of carnivores
    can find himself
    prey to a different beast.

  3. Seb

    I like this. These are very plain words with very strong bonds. That’s the best kind of poem.

  4. It will come back, David. Give yourself, and that wonderful heart of yours, time to heal.

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