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it’s insistent

with that fucking click click


bothers me

but what the

oh yeah

other shit to worry about

big stuff

like the fate of the world

click click

like transcendence into

some paranormal ether connected to




shuttling between now

and then

between possibilities


between realities


quantum leaps

quantum French kisses into


somewhere else





where your mind plays as lightly as your fingers

on me


where I play


on your spine


licking time

into submission


one more time


David Trudel      ©  2013

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Soft As

in my realm

dreams are real

there are no walls

they bleed

into each other


like they do

as soft as


whispered into your ear

while I forget

to wake up

while I forget

to remember

while I forget

what it was

that stopped me

from continuing


even though

there are walls


and a window

into infinity


David Trudel     ©   2013




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Haiku – September 27

standing here hill still

stalked by a premonition

of movement to come



David Trudel   ©  2013



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pressed against nothing

the gull balances its soaring inclination

with the inevitability of gravity

holding onto a fixed moment

perched on wind

comfortably as on a branch

then tips forward


into motion



David Trudel       ©  2013



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on the trail

driving hoofbeats canter into my ears

reined in as horse and rider approach

the horse an Appaloosa

flanks rust splattered

warrior strong and graceful

dancing a pas de deux

on the home stretch


an older couple

so comfortable together

their wrinkles match


silent pulls

slice greychop

as rowers dart dragonfly quick

buoy to buoy


runners gliding loose

gravity a step away from disappearing

and joggers slog

each step a time punch


dogs walking their humans


through muddy trails


pairs sunk in earnest conversations pass

revealing fragments of betrayals

littering the path with scuffed passion



David Trudel      ©  2013



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it’s colder

time for another layer

it’s colder

evenings have become nights

walks turn into mysteries

sounds or shadows

ready to pounce

or disappear into recesses

better forgotten

unfocus away

nightviews an intervention

electrified horizons

unroll blueprints of a thousand streets

under muffled obscurity

it’s colder

there are mysteries in margins

fog rolls

growing into something




David Trudel       ©  2013



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because I loved you

I waited

for that moment when


your heart opened

and you let me in



David Trudel     ©  2013



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Family Plot

it’s peaceful here in the old graveyard

incongruously serene across the perimeter fence

inside which it’s high alert

where gravity bullies dance

offering themselves skyward

Daedalus unbound a thousand times a day

but in the family plot

myths and legends are found in names and dates

foretelling this one’s ascension into heaven

and that one’s faith in the lord above

arrivals and departures fixed for eternity

transitioning realities

with faith enough to believe



David Trudel    ©   2013



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the song is a long riff

played delicate like

at midnight in July

thundering when storms march

in battalions thumping polyrhythmic


the song is improvised

over rumbles of a sliding scale

holding long notes that float


as water striders skating black splashes

where tumbled rocks wear green skirts

the song pulls wind into snarling trees

syncopating elements into a signature


with layered passages of woods over brass

blue notes swimming down low

down there

in gravelgrinding undercurrents

eddying into echoes of echoes

of echoes



David Trudel     ©  2013



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I could rewrite my days

following crumbs back

through mysteries

I’d use different words

or fewer

but it would be the same story


David Trudel     ©   2013

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