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Ideals are always hard to live up to

Our mainstream ideal of womanhood is a false construct

Dreamt up by gay fashion designers in Paris, London and Rome

Who like the skinny hips of adolescent boys better than voluptuous curves

So they starve the girls into scraped and angled versions of an unreachable vision

And photoshop the images into Barbie doll perfection

Leaving countless women in despair

Because they have hips that are real

Shapes that are round and soft

Curves that flow

Breasts that function and nurture and don’t just titillate

So let’s celebrate the curves of real women

Who aren’t molded in plastic

And whose reality needs no airbrushing

Because real women are eternal

And ideal


David Trudel  © 2013



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Hunter Gatherers

Primeval forces drive us


We stalk through forests of merchandise

Hunting for bargains and our dreary dreams

Gathering piles of stuff we’ll soon tire of

Things that never quite live up to the promise

So we keep hunting, hunting

We hunt for food

Get taken in by seductive ads and misdirections

Ambushed by the platter

Consuming empty calories that never satisfy

Overstuffed but always hungry

We hunt for parking spots

The fastest route on a slow commute

Better jobs that usually aren’t

Houses that cost just a little more

Than affordable

Until all we gather is extra weight and extra debt

No longer hunters

Corralled in this feedlot life

Where the real hunters make out like bandits

But we are too tired to notice

I gather


David Trudel    © 2012




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