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some days are like that






not quite a total fucking disaster

but not bad either


gotcha, says he


it’s the middle of winter

but when the sun shines

even a grey day

shows some colour

like a redwinged blackbird

on a fenceline


tenuous as hell


when its raining and cold

it all gets to be


like that



David Trudel       © 2014



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lift and pull

veiling now

then screaming into



lights in the distance


and then whoosh

goodbye fellow traveler

let me bless your journey

into my past

while I blow through yours


on a subliminal level

each environmental cue

prompts reflexive jumps

into defensive awareness




shedding ego I open

my eyes to alternative possibilities

of destruction

involving me or not



may be




David Trudel       ©  2014




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Wrapped in an envelope that thickens and thins

Fractured thoughts slide unlettered

With limitless potential

But lacking the certainty of conviction

Slippery and elusive as dream fragments

That seemed almost tangible at dawn

Before dissolving into the unremembered compost

Within this skin

Stamped with life’s toll and addressed to fate

Dancing through a series of brilliant non sequiturs

Waiting to be received, opened

And read by an adept

Fluent in the tongue of impossible ambiguity



David Trudel   ©  2013




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Quantum Computers

There are these quantum computers available

If you can spare the ten million or so it’ll cost you

They are able to go beyond binary thinking

Using supercooled processors they use the laws of quantum


Ambiguity rules since they can be yes, no, maybe so

Able to exist in the opposite state simultaneously

Turning accountants into poets

Who no longer have to be black and white about things

But can consider gray as a possibility (which will drive auditors crazy)

Unfortunately their clients have been mostly governments and corporations

Those quantum computers are probably being used for military purposes

Or developing strategies to maximize the profitability of resource extraction

And other even less benign schemes


But wouldn’t it be fun to get one for poets and philosophers to use

Asking eternal questions in quantum space

Exploring all the contradictions inherent in our flawed condition

We could distill all the music that really moves us into a single harmonic jewel

Peel away all the layers of fact until we’re left with just our own fiction

Watch pinhead ballets by infinities of angels

Or come to the conclusion that conclusions are illusions

So let’s crowd source an investment in one for fun

Set up an online philosopher’s café and an open microphone for the poets

Quantum computing truth in every dimension



David Trudel  ©  2013



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Sometimes its good to be in the margins

I like the ambiguity of not being this or that

Black or white

Instead I float in between

In the gray fog of obscurity

Where I can choose to venture into black

Or white

At my own discretion

Of my own volition

Returning to hedged half light

Where positions aren’t fixed

Where compasses swing madly

In uncharted territory



David Trudel  ©  2013



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Slipping into and out of this dream


Where reality bleeds into fantasy

Like fog on the water when the margins disappear

Gray on gray

My consciousness is that ambiguous

In this non-moment

One drop that neither falls nor ascends

Holding the promise of the universe

An ocean within a realization

Waiting for gravity or perhaps evaporation

For a moment of transcendence

From discretion to completion

From point to pointless

To oneness with everything

In this stateless dream

Where the margins disappear

Along with the horizons

And there is no other place to look

Except within


David Trudel   ©  2013




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