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Whir words launch into being

Just to collapse in fragments

When the pressure of over-inflation

Hyper stimulation and excitement

Explodes the trial balloon into tattered fragments

Turning a party into something to be cleaned up

Lonely letters scattered under foot

Tripping up passersby



David Trudel    ©  2012




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Even though I don’t think it’s a very good paper, I subscribe to the local broadsheet mostly out of force of habit and because I like to have something to read as I’m getting breakfast and waking up.  Eventually I get around to the obituaries, and over the years it has been a very interesting section to peruse.  Sometimes, the notices are heartbreaking and sometimes dramas play out, as was the case when several different survivors wrote vastly different obits for the deceased. A few days back, one of the obits closed by inviting family and friends to a local beach for a release of balloons in memory of the young lady whose life had been cut short.  Balloons which would fall into the ocean or the surrounding islands, or our own island and contribute the degradation of the natural habitat.  What about the great Pacific Garbage Gyre?  I wanted to write a letter to the editor but couldn’t bring myself to cause undue suffering to the folks in question.  Still, it is a provocative issue and one that needs to be much more broadly addressed.



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