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I plumb the shallows of like

I plumb the shallows of like

For banal inspiration

Attempt elegiac verses

Based on

Passionless affection

But it’s no use


Tamed and neutered emotions

Barely ruffle the surface

Of this drained pond


I swallow Bacchanalian dregs

Bittersweet, the taste

Sours my mouth

Words stick

Come undone

Mere letters



To rest


Broken heart pieces

On the floor of my soul


Grinding love’s promise to

Despair dust

To be flushed with tears

One teardrop

One teardrop

One teardrop

At a time



David Trudel  ©  2012




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There Is No Love (repost)

There is no love for you and me

No, there is no love at all

I want to reach out and embrace you

But I just sigh and turn around


There is no love between us

Just a look that says goodbye

And a memory of a spark that burned

Before the trying got too hard


And here we’re sad and lonely

Walking down our separate paths

Embracing only loneliness

In a world where love comes last


But far away up in the heavens

Or on a different astral plane

You reach out to touch me

And we light a lovers flame


And we kiss each other deeply

Walking forward hand in hand

And thank the spirits that led us

To a love that understands


But we are all alone together

Trapped on lonely planet earth

Where we are too smart for loving

And where the dreaming always hurts



David Trudel ©

March, 2002




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