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This fractured heart is unbound

By tangled strings

Not tethered to another set of eyes

Reflecting a shimmer of tears

Unable to look away

Even as love is strangled by its own bonds


Moments come and go unexpectedly


Echoes of improvisational adaptation

Against the dissonance of solitude

Rising like a three a.m. riff at Birdland

Into a time when dawn seems impossible

To remember

Against the black of lonely

Where a curl of smoke is light enough

To provide a contrast

To emptiness



David Trudel    ©  2013



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Broken Hearts

There are no mechanical replacements for broken hearts

No bypasses for a love betrayed or denied

Even when it feels like your chest has been cracked open

And your heart has been ripped out

All we can do is grow scar tissue

Become a little more cynical

In the realization that Hollywood is all about illusion

Camera tricks and crafty angles

Harlequins masquerading as the girl or boy next door

Because we don’t understand what love is

We don’t listen to those vows

About richer or poorer, sickness or health

Or if we do, we don’t believe them

Since we trust in the promise of happy endings

With stirring crescendos of romance uplifted into gossamer clouds

We have been indoctrinated with ideals

Fantasies of impossibilities

Unreal as any misproportioned Barbie doll

Or glossy airbrushed photo spread

So disappointment is a foregone conclusion

When we don’t measure up

To unmeasurable visions of dreams

Based not on love but greed

How can we when we are trained in selfish fantasies

Instead of hard realities

Dragged dirty through a thousand tragedies

Tarnished by time and fate

Until we no longer recognize the truth

Of mutual support and shared attention

Comfortable love whose soundtrack is heard through an open window

Elastic enough to bend, not break



David Trudel    ©  2013



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Sirens scream their warnings today

Victims on route to hospital

First responders making time

Emerging tragedies and tales yet untold

But there are no ambulances for broken hearts

No police reports for stolen affection

No tow trucks here

To haul your sorry ass out of the ditch you were dumped into

But there’s always self-expression

Another poem to bind the gaping wound

Where your heart was ripped out of your chest

Or to act as a bandage for the minor lacerations of daily life

Poet, heal thyself



David Trudel  ©  2013




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I Will

I will unbitter your heart with honeyed words

I will unsour the taste that lingers in your mouth

Through my pure and gentle kisses


I will restore your trust and unbreak the broken

I will heal your soul

With loving ministrations of tenderness


I will give you strength and tranquility

I will support your struggles

I will guard your back

Against all comers


I will unbitter your heart

I will make you new again



David Trudel  © 2012




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I plumb the shallows of like

I plumb the shallows of like

For banal inspiration

Attempt elegiac verses

Based on

Passionless affection

But it’s no use


Tamed and neutered emotions

Barely ruffle the surface

Of this drained pond


I swallow Bacchanalian dregs

Bittersweet, the taste

Sours my mouth

Words stick

Come undone

Mere letters



To rest


Broken heart pieces

On the floor of my soul


Grinding love’s promise to

Despair dust

To be flushed with tears

One teardrop

One teardrop

One teardrop

At a time



David Trudel  ©  2012




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