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skykissed, the earth seems shy

muffled by a ragged net of condensed cloud

everything goes quiet


earlier it burned off

now it rolls in off the straits

leeching colours and shortening views


each drop holding a cemetery scent of early dawn

when spirits slide sideways into the melt

each drop a stitch in the shroud


this fog sleepwalks through empty rooms

while shadows punch slivers of distraction

into softsilvered rivers


each drift a tangible intangible

never quite in reach

never quite vanishing


floating wordlessly

with all the effort of nothing

drafting tailwinds of an idea



David Trudel   © 2013



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Ross Bay Cemetery

Not everyone will agree

But cemeteries are an interesting place

For a sojourn

Calm and peaceful

Winding paths

Monuments that bear familiar names

No wonder, those same pioneers

Are street names, hills and schools, too

Cracked mausoleums

Paving stones thrown askew

Betray the passage of the years

Battering of the ocean winds

Tidal surges from the other side of the road

Judging from the land’s subsidence

Proximity to the Pacific

Erosion must be underway

Beneath the carefully tended

Topside walkways

Pulling the tumbled bones

Into the locker

Davy Jones’

That is

Granite and marble testaments bear witness

Still, to lives lived

Hinted stories

Inferred drama

Chronicles of chiseled sparseness

Amidst the leafy arches

Of memorial trees

Whose roots have now dug deep

Anchoring the towering canopy

Dappled light falls to the pathways below

And to the graves

Row on row

And the memories they shelter

The faces they keep

In God’s cathedral

By the shore


David Trudel   ©  2012


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