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it’s colder

time for another layer

it’s colder

evenings have become nights

walks turn into mysteries

sounds or shadows

ready to pounce

or disappear into recesses

better forgotten

unfocus away

nightviews an intervention

electrified horizons

unroll blueprints of a thousand streets

under muffled obscurity

it’s colder

there are mysteries in margins

fog rolls

growing into something




David Trudel       ©  2013



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In the thin heat of late summer

Every picnic is bittersweet

As leaves bleed green and turn to rust

July’s refreshing breeze

Is now a portent of autumn storms

Flights of birds climb airstairs

Chanting their exit visas

Winging it

Still, the day holds heat enough

To shorewalk barefoot

Letting gentle tides kiss your toes

With the languor of a late afternoon lover

Satiated with passion

But not with affection



David Trudel    ©  2013



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Dark Solstice

This darkened day

Limps into the light

Barely illuminating the gloom’s respite

But still, this is no harbinger of doom

No era ending kibosh on us all

Still here, still keeping on

We wait for tomorrow’s promise

Of the evermore and early dawn

As this day pivots on its quarter pole

Releasing the passing of this dark passage

Through space and time

To climb once more into the light

One step forward

One foot dragging

But moving out of shaded gloom

Into the comfort of the sun’s delight


David Trudel  ©  2012



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Fall arrives looking a lot like summer

With a few differences

The parking lot at the lake isn’t very crowded

Like it is in July

There’s only one crowd of drunken teen cliffjumpers

Not the usual dozen

Less noise

I assume as much since I’ve got the tunes cranked and the earphones on

Today the shuffled top rated playlist actually seems to be random

For once

Whirligig seeds float to earth from the forest canopy

Briefly caught in columns of golden light

Dogs frolic on the beach, now that the season has turned

In the shadows of the forest the air is cool

A frisson of cold foreshadowed

Makes my bare arms shiver

With anticipation of the deepening cold

But today, stepping through the door into autumn

It looks a lot like summer


David Trudel  © 2012



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Forest understory

Serenely green in the early promise of summer

Just a memory now

Now the greens are flat and diminished

Splashed with shades of yellow

Muddy brown and red

Announcing the advance of the year

Curled and desiccated, looking like transforming insects

Rusty leaves turn in upon themselves

Turning so inevitably to fall

Overhead muted tones of grey and blue

Opaque translucency

In Delft-glazed hues

Painted with insouciance and impermanence


Gone forever even as they’re born

Infinity after infinity of questions

Found sky watching

Weather roils

Dusk descends to twilight

Summer passes its peak

Spies autumn in the distance

Waves hello

Walks forward

Like always

David Trudel  ©  2012


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