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Underneath oblivion are reverberations

Echoes of each soft footfall of the fallen

Every sigh still murmurs in the rustle of the wind

There are no absolute deletions from this reality

Just reconstitutions of new forms into others

Particulate transference that blends atoms across time

Continually renewing and consuming inexorably

Yet there are ripples of the past in everything

Deep down inside us live an infinity of forms

A mélange of all that ever was

From primordial sludge to mountain peaks

What we are is myriad moments of creation reassembled

Into more than just something new

We carry the history of each particle, every cell holding us together

All of us are the archives of reality from here to creation

And nothing is ever forgotten or undone




David Trudel  © 2013




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Everything is from nothing

Nothing is where it began and where it will end

Cosmic nothing, which is vacuum

But nothing is an illusion

As much as everything eludes its truth

Since the vacuum is full of energy

Matter and anti-matter constantly attracting and repelling

A never-ending quantum cocktail party

Cycling through loops of creation and annihilation

I’ve been at parties like that

But the party to watch is the galaxy’s 100 billion stars

Aswirl in brilliant radiance but dancing darkly

Or standing back even further

100 billion galaxies sweetly raving on until the bitter end

Yet out of all this cosmic richness normal matter is rare

The fact of the matter is that out of all these stars

All this space and animated dust only 5 percent is normal matter

Which is hardly normal since fully 25 percent is dark matter

While the biggest elephant in the room is dark energy

Mysterious and opposed to gravity

Which is a law of nature so dark energy

Is cosmic anarchy

Expanding and accelerating exponentially

Leaving dark matter haloes clumped in the nevervoid

Never emitting light on any wavelength

Driving the formation of cosmic structure

Quantum space/time foam bubbling with cosmic inflation

Quantum energy fluctuating with tiny mass irregularities

Within the cosmic web

While we listen for echoes

Echoes of the big bang

Cosmic harmonics send microwaves everywhere

So that the memory of creation is all pervasive

As are echoes of small primordial perturbations that grew galaxies

In the long nights of early days

Quantum ripples that will never reach a further shore

Since the fabric of space and time keeps stretching

Further than a politician’s truth

Into nothing, which is the end



David Trudel   ©  2013



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Everything From Nothing

As a poet, I enjoy using cosmic metaphors.  I am not a scientist however and I recognize that it’s important to stay current with physics and cosmology and so I was thrilled to attend a brilliant lecture this evening.


Landsdowne Public Lecture

Wednesday, April 3rd at 7:00 pm in the Bob Wright Centre, Room A104

Professor Carlos Frenk (Durham University)

Will present a lecture entitled “Everything from nothing, or how our universe was made”

Cosmology confronts some of the most fundamental questions in the whole of science. How and when did our universe begin? What is it made of?  How did galaxies and other structures form?  There has been enormous progress in the past few decades towards answering these questions. For example, recent observations have established that our universe contains an unexpected mix of components: ordinary atoms, exotic dark matter and a new form of energy called dark energy. Gigantic surveys of galaxies reveal how the universe is structured.
Large supercomputer simulations recreate the evolution of the universe and provide the means to relate processes occuring near the beginning with observations of the universe today. A coherent picture of cosmic evolution, going back to a tiny fraction of a second after the Big Bang, is beginning to emerge. However, fundamental issues, like the identity of the dark matter and the nature of the dark energy, remain unresolved.






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Space Between

In my cosmology

Brilliant lights of countless stars

Are far surpassed by infinity’s black emptiness

Velvet backdrop for a color popping canvas

Contrasting depth to lights pure brilliance

And like the sky I see above

My life has vast stretches of emptiness


Against which shines those starcrossed moments

The supernovas

Big bangs

Celestial events

But really I am much more familiar with the space between the moments

The lonely purview of a lost soul cast adrift

In a silent vacuum coldly floating randomly

A dark thought in a dark place

Unsparked and alone



David Trudel  © 2012




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