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it’s dark on the hill

even though city lights peel away secrets

below where I stand lonely

listening to urban din hammered into songs

remembering to look up

scanning for planes diving across memories

picking out constellations as cop cars provide the horns

I remember that insectalien rising out of the floor

planetarium lights dimming

a sonorous sky guide

and highbacked reclining chairs

modern as open the pod bay doors, Hal

open the pod bay doors

remembering to look down

looking for secrets in polished glass

burnished metal and an artillery of light bulbs

now its dark

now there is no up

now the past is the hunter

on the hill in the dark

remembering the loneliness

there is between each of us



David Trudel           © 2015




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Angel Songs

I will make playlists of angel songs

And burbling laughs of toddlers

Who haven’t learnt to imprison their feelings in words

I will make playlists of waves rolling on cobbled shores

And the crash of surf exploding into clouds

I will make playlists of the wind ruffling the firs

Punctuated by butterflies tap-dancing on honeysuckle blossoms

I will sing along with whistles of the northern lights

Slide shimmering a magnetic resonance

From starshine’s wave

My top forty will never be capped

Or over produced

My playlist sings eternity

I fall into the space between the sounds

Not a dark hole

But a double helix slide from being to becoming

Listening for truth

Neither question nor answer

Just the simplicity of forever

Like smiles for no reason

Resounding into harmony



David Trudel       ©  2013



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