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Ex’s and Ohs

I was looking out the window at service trucks

Orange draped workers looking puzzled

Placing pylons around storm drains

My former house seemed to be affected

And the rest of the old cul de sac

This should liven up the annual strata meeting

I was thinking, from the greener side of the street

When the phone rang

It was my ex

Needing a point of grammatical clarification

Which happens with some regularity

My ghost writing continues to be needed

Meanwhile the invasive surgery on the drains continued

Until the blockage was cleared

Everything flows downhill

No more barriers

It’s all fluid




David Trudel   © 2012



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Sunday stroll around the lake

Time to air

Tumbled thumped


Dripping wet

With worry sweat


Up ahead dog walkers

Tangle the trail

A woman

Struggles with her leashed hurricane

Who obviously wants a full on canine

butt sniffing hello

Not a polite passing

Looks a lot like Congo, I thought

As I approach I realize

That it is


My ex-dog

My ex-wife

And the new boyfriend

Nice day for a walk we agree

Slip the dog a treat

Walk on




Emotional spin cycle


Extraneous worries

Trusting gravity’s



New moon rise

On the horizon


Invigorating things, walks



David Trudel  ©  2012




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