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What we think of as reality

This plane of existence

Is but one in a continuum

That extends into infinity above

Likewise, each piece of us

Contains a universe of universes within


My life is full of strange coincidences


Much more than random chance


Good trumps evil

By supporting the forces of good

I’m supported and shielded from harm, to a degree


Other planes of existence are outside of time and space

Where life is not like here

Discretely limited individual consciousness

But is instead a vast collective awareness

A wave not just a drop

Transcending our understanding

Into truth


The alpha and omega of the great wheel

The wheel of physical space and linear time

Is a platonic ideal of the pantheon of the gods

A council of twelve,

Within each of us is a link, a key

A path back to one of those ultimate beings

Presiding over each reflection and shadow of reality


Music can open the door to transcendence

Harmonic vibrations can send sacred messages


Love is all


Everything, everyone is worthy of love


The more you give away your love

The more you discover you have


Love is the ultimate motivator


David Trudel   © 2012



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When I was an altar boy

It was less about faith and prayer

And more about theatre

Ritual playacting with exacting precision

Being part of the focused attention

Of each small action

And if I wasn’t any closer to god

I was closer to community

With a role to play

So play I did, in the long ago days

Of starched surplices

Dressed up dogma

Plaster of paris saints who all looked the same

Under their different paintjobs



David Trudel  © 2012



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