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Hat Parade

playfully the wind

pulls the bowler from my head

pirouetting I snatch it back


edges softened

by ten gallons of rain

broad enough for a dry neck


this hotel lobby

has many ways to spend money

I gamble on a hat


autumn is perfect

for sacrificial wicker

Brooks Brothers throwback


in Montreal for work

I find a shrine for hats

Borsalino paradise


on a forest walk

spiders fall from overhead

evading swallows


I don’t wear ballcaps

give me a fedora instead

it rains, I smile


at the front door

I ponder which hat to wear

children laugh outside


unleashed, her hair

flies triumphantly up

a golden crown


woven cedar strips

bridging cultures and form

one more seagull target



crisp brim unmistakable

it’s the police


I find a feather

its beauty calls me skyward

to mourn lost flocks



David Trudel   © 2014



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Huna Walk With Me

It is more fun to walk holding peacock feathers

Than not

Wielding talismans of plaintive cries

Feathered eyes of mystery

We proceed from cairn to cairn

Invoking spirits

Summoning intentions

Provoking curiosity

Then finding a nested perch above the sea

To chant vicissitudes into rhythms

Flowing into violet hues of a lowering dusk

Adding our breath to the incoming tang of a seabreeze

As drums throb

Seagulls wheel and exclaim their heartfelt longing

Below, lovers sit together on the rocks

Watching waves roll in


Stillness is something to be rediscovered

In crowds and crowded lives

Each apprehension of tranquility a small victory

Over the distractions of temporary attractions

Find a horizon with a hole in it

To fall into or crawl through

Or merely to send an arrow of a thought

Singing integration with alpha omega

Singing to the falling sun and the rising moon

Singing to the unknown

Finding unity in the ragged chortle of waves falling ashore

Looking into the feathered eyes of peacock tails

To see your own soul



David Trudel   ©  2013



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If you find yourself with a bruised and broken heart

Dust it off

With phoenix feathers that rise from ashes

And a far-eyed eagle feather that knows how to soar

Some quail feathers to keep things grounded

And a little timid

Find hummingbird wings that hover and dart delightfully

Seek out a quetzal bird from Mayan jungles and beg

For a tail feather of rare and wondrous beauty

Look for a lyrebird to add its feathered song

Include a feather from the common crow to croak persistently

Add a salt-tinged feather from a glaucus gull

To scream a plaintive cry that warns of more shit to come

Gather your feathers and bind them with sinew

Torn from the corpse of your lost love

Dust off your heart with the promise of magic flights

Dust off your heart with the feathers of the gravity deniers

Let your heart find its way skyward

Where there is no dust to gather

Just the delight of leaving the earth behind



David Trudel  ©  2013



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