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Today I declare gratitude

Thankfulness for life

For being here in this place of privilege

For what limited freedom I enjoy

I am grateful I can choose my own spirituality

My beliefs are my own and not imposed

By frowning arbiters of mythological excess

I am grateful to the women that have spurned me

Leaving me space for universal enjoyment

Gifting me the time I would have spent

On worrying about your affection and your desires

I am grateful for the beauty of nature

That unfolds around us daily

I revel in the wonders of this web of life

Smiling as I uncover each unread volume of the divine library

I thank everyone who has ever smiled at a stranger

Or given freely from a threadbare pocket

This is such a wondrous time to be alive

When thoughts and dreams are interchanged

Across the world at lightning speed

Where knowledge grows organically

Even in the face of repression

I am grateful for the resilience of the oppressed

Who are strong enough to heal publicly

Becoming leaders for the lost

I am thankful for irrepressible music

Pervasively bathing us in harmonic resonance

I thank the artists who reinterpret truth

With inspiration and dedication

I raise my hands in praise of caregivers

Who reach out with compassion and generosity

I am grateful for all the love that has come my way

And for those I have been honoured to love

I give thanks

To all the forces that conspire to unlonely the affliction of despair

I am grateful

Just to be here

Understanding that now

Is a reflection of forever

And for that I am eternally happy in my gratitude



David Trudel  ©  2013




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These churches of the inside out

Convinced of their supremacy

And entrenched beliefs

Profess their love but celebrate their hate

Of others and of differences

Using fear and threats of retribution

Projecting narrow views on limitless creation

Chorusing anger at the unconvinced

For no good reason but to cover up their doubts

With screams and fist pumps of defiant mobs

Who give up reason for the comfort of a cause


These churches of the inside out

Hide behind myths, legends and holy books

Which have more holes than wholesome thoughts

Transforming love to hate

Raising intolerance to a virtue

Suppressing dissension and philosophical exploration

With the riot police of the religious wrong standing firm

Against freedom and choice

Trying to perform their own miracle of transformation

By calling evil good and good a sin

Proselytizing through obfuscation and misdirection


These churches of the inside out

Upside down in their revisionism

Making sacraments of negativity and blind zeal

Disregarding any other points of view

Of infinity’s creation

Most of which is quite content to be unchurched

Connected at the source to divinity within



David Trudel   ©  2013





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Curves lead into new directions        IMG_1660

Bending the road

Cambered so the rain runs off

But you don’t

Accelerating into the corner

At speed

Each new view

Brings a new intention

And a reminder of limitations

Checked freedoms

Constrained choice

Infinity reduced to the obvious

Black and white as lane markings on asphalt


David Trudel   ©  2013

Image by the author



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Gentle rebel angel of trailing tears

Join me

Join me in praising







No need for intercession

To some imagined celestial throne


The universe exists within as much as without

Prayers need no translation

Let’s sing freshened hymns of the down and out

Of caged prisoners who know liberty through its absence

Of the desperate

Let our dancing words lift them up


Glory is all around

But not always apparent

So let’s shout cosmic love into

Crowded voids

Shine the bright light of perception

Into infinity


Bring the formless into view

Tear down walls of doctrine set up to divide

Lose the shackles of moribund rules

Let freedom reign, consorting with love

Join me,

Join me my friend




David Trudel  © 2012


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It depends if you need love

Or freedom more

If you find love

Say goodbye to liberty

If you give away your heart

It’s like walking into a cell

Of your own volition

Slamming the door shut behind you

When freedom shows up

When the sentence is punctuated


You’ll be free

At liberty and at loose ends

Free to look for another prison

Another person

Prison person

Tethered hearts

Dyad, not alone

Mourning your lost liberty


David Trudel   © 2012




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