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Ode to Gabi

Goodness gracious

Is an apt description for my rare friend

Who cares for others as if we are all family

So I call her sister, happily

She relates to so many and so much

Not content with keystroke comments

She stands up and stands out

For freedom and justice and nature

A warrior spirit with a gentle touch

Ready to support a righteous cause


Or party past midnight until the Honeyjack is gone

Straight shooting, from the lip and the hip

Always making connections from her heart to ours

A heart holding many songs

An ear listening for new sounds

Graciously and good

Unbowed, with the courage of her convictions

And a smile that lights up the darkest day

Never just a face in a crowd

My uncommon friend is rare and earthy

More than worthy of these few words of honest praise


David Trudel    © 2012




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Jump in the River

I am blessed to have many great friends in my life.  This afternoon I’m be on my way to visit two of them, Manjeet and Janice, who live in the most absolutely gorgeous place on the Cowichan River, an hour and a half away from Victoria. Surrounded by tall trees, their home is set on a bluff among rolling lawns, overlooking the river.  At this time of year the river is perfect for swimming and tubing which is always a highlight of my summer.  I’ll drink too much beer and sing off key around the campfire and misbehave in general.  Yay!


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