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Grace Notes

My brief visit is a small variation

On your long song

Strictly ornamental but still an embellishment of note

I walk through my days giving and receiving kindness and favors

Feeling my way I seek the presence of the divine within

And the divine within you

I try to understand the purpose of my creation

And which desires are true to my soul

Rejoicing in the morality of kindness

Which becomes the key for self-realization

Unlocking the bonds of mortal karma

To exist in grace

Visiting small graces upon those who need support

A small note added to the symphony of you



David Trudel   ©  2013



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Grant me inspiration

Wash me in the river of creativity

Let my eyes see truth

Let me appreciate beauty in all its many forms

Grant me the grace not to hold tight but to give away

Allow peace to enter my heart

Let me give away my love unreservedly

Let me receive love unconditionally

Illuminate my path in the dark of night

Shade my way in the heat of the day

Grant me wisdom borne of struggle

Bring me tranquility in tragedy

Grant me inspiration



David Trudel   ©  2012






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