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red roses scattered

the shore a silent witness

gulls keen overhead



David Trudel       © 2014



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leaves growing green

deeper than lost shadows

birdsong soundtrack



bleached driftwood sleeping

blanketed by swaying grass

a chorus of frogs



the pull of the beach

an ocean mesmerized

toes curl in the sand



blossoms punctuate

this animated landscape

spring revelation



intertidal echoes

resonate against the sand

gulls soar overhead



David Trudel   © 2014



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pressed against nothing

the gull balances its soaring inclination

with the inevitability of gravity

holding onto a fixed moment

perched on wind

comfortably as on a branch

then tips forward


into motion



David Trudel       ©  2013



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These gulls are larger than the ones you see downtown

Feeding on binscraps of bloated tourist food

This trio are bypassing the city and heading up the coast

To tidal pools and tidelines where they’ll feast on authenticity

Now they pause to carousel a thermal

Corkscrewing in circle drifts

A fourth transcends out of the clouds and joins in

I look away for an instant

When I look back they have vanished

Into the gray sameness overhead



David Trudel  © 2013



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No Time To Mourn



There is no time to mourn

This brutal passing

This silvered flash

This sacramental transformation

Before this salmon had respite from its journey

Eagles tore it asunder

Feasting on the choicest morsels

Cleanup gulls sweep up the rest

Bringing fishfragments to new life

High above, circling

IMG_1454 While rain drums down

River overspills lawn

Everything a lot more fluid

On this gray day

Cloudcleansed and riverscoured

Nature serves holy communion

All around

David Trudel    © 2012


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