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ghosts and demons

my ghosts and demons are not dressed up in cheap costumes

looking B movie extra ready

my zombies aren’t privileged youths indulging adolescent fantasies

in my world demons wake you up at 3 in the morning

haunting you with labyrinthian thoughts of debts and closed doors

or arrive in recycled grey envelopes from the taxman

with impossible demands to pay them twice the amount of your last refund

my ghosts are the second guesses

regrets that hang like spanish moss

or Miss Havisham’s tattered bed curtains

in my world we’ve shuddered at thoughts of an unwanted pregnancy

where masked reapers harvest the stillborn

snatching happiness from cradles

there are no doorbell ringing hobgoblins here

in my world they make pre-emptive strikes

exploding you with tricks like crumbling bodies

and sixteen kinds of crazy shit a day

in my world we see through masks to skeletal truths

held together by abstractions, chewing gum and thought ghosts

so if you are wondering why I don’t appear to be into Halloween

its only because its something that sticks around all year

tricking and treating unceasingly



David Trudel     ©   2013




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On Dispensing Treats at Halloween

How hard is it

To disregard sugar rich chocolate treats

Near the front door



Damned hard

For a recovering chocoholic


Nuts and seeds

Fill in

Second stringers off the bench

Playing over their heads





Another knock


Thanks god, another handful depleted


Take more


Leave me no temptations


But then again


A test of resolve


Is a test worth taking

If I can overcome that

I might be able to overcome

Other foibles






And seek redemption

In your love


David Trudel  ©  2012



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