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Hat Parade

playfully the wind

pulls the bowler from my head

pirouetting I snatch it back


edges softened

by ten gallons of rain

broad enough for a dry neck


this hotel lobby

has many ways to spend money

I gamble on a hat


autumn is perfect

for sacrificial wicker

Brooks Brothers throwback


in Montreal for work

I find a shrine for hats

Borsalino paradise


on a forest walk

spiders fall from overhead

evading swallows


I don’t wear ballcaps

give me a fedora instead

it rains, I smile


at the front door

I ponder which hat to wear

children laugh outside


unleashed, her hair

flies triumphantly up

a golden crown


woven cedar strips

bridging cultures and form

one more seagull target



crisp brim unmistakable

it’s the police


I find a feather

its beauty calls me skyward

to mourn lost flocks



David Trudel   © 2014



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I am a man of many hats

Always have been

Davy Crockett or railway engineer

Headgear caught my fancy

As a child

Not quite a mask but a costume


I am a man of many hats

Roles, that is

Every familial relation possible

Every rung on the social ladder

Envied and despised

Loved and hated

Full of contradictions

Still, I wear hats

To signal mood

To create a persona only partly me

Or just corral my headstrong hair


Keep the spiders away

The rain off my back

I am a man of many hats

Some get adorned with feathers

Found on the forest floor

Some get relegated to the back bedroom

Worn out

No longer fitting

Or fit for who I am now

So I wear the hat

That suits me today

It’s easy to remove

I’ve got back-ups you know


David Trudel  ©  2012



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