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One day I woke up

I was in the middle of it


A day full of considered beauty

Moments of revelation strung together with wistful threads

Tides of emotion that were just right for body surfing rolled over me

So I rode the breakers into the shore

Transcending the limitations of my heart’s tideline

I looked deep into eyes of others

Saw souls swimming in tears

Watched smiles ripple across rooms

Like the wind ruffling the surface of a calm lake

I was in the middle of it

Everywhere I went was a line worth noting

Each glance brought a fresh word

As easily as plucking apples

In the golden light of the garden of the Hesperides

I stood on mountaintops and leapfrogged over horizons

Breathed honeyed breath of innocents

Felt the embrace of a thousand Juliets

Mourned each passing moment like a tragic death

I was in the middle of it


I was awake



David Trudel   ©  2013




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Duet By Two Poets

Sweet Arrival


I’ve ever felt a closeness

To something unspeakably good.

A presence that, without moving at all,

Beats me to my arrival.

But not goading as a competitor,

Or gloating as one so much better,

He drops sweet petals,

Airs the place,

And dispels the shadows alone.


Then he waits for the likes of me.


It makes me wonder

How I can turn so easily,

And even consider something so temporary,

And so lacking.


-jenn long






This is such a perfect poem

It calls out for



The perfect poetic reply

The first is too awkward


The second too obvious

More than a little trite


Next, a little humor

It’s misplaced


Soon the trash basket overflows

My words inadequate for the task

I surrender the page

Weave a basket

Visit Monet’s garden

Gather timeless blossoms

Select sensuous Georgia O’Keeffe buds

Flowering in exquisite color in the desert of New Mexico

Accept tall and slender calla lilies

Offered by Diego Rivera himself

Explore the meadows of Persephone’s abduction 

Craft a garland of the bounty of primordial spring

Find a Delphic laurel branch

And in the golden light of sunset

Pick mythic apples of the Hesperides

And with these tokens

Simple notions

Spread petals at your feet


David Trudel  © 2012



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