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It’s as if I’ve been bled once too often

Leaving me hollow and indifferent

I am bemused by the lovestruck and the lovelorn

Who brandish their heartfelt emotions

Like Tibetan prayer flags

I try to listen to my own heart

Then get distracted by the noise

I try to make sense of distant wars and rebellions

But I can’t

I appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds me

Even if I can’t find words to reflect that beauty

Superficial thoughts pop into my mind like cheap firecrackers

Leaving exploded promises smoldering

I string letters into words

Words into phrases

They don’t satisfy me

So I delete them

I listen

I watch

Waiting like a hunter in a blind

For an unsuspecting quarry

Nothing comes

I am patient, knowing that I am on a game trail

I only have to wait a while longer

Before the prey returns



David Trudel   © 2013




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My Hunt

I hunt for inspiration

Searching out flashes of insight

A clever turn of a phrase

New ways of describing old things

I listen for a muse to whisper in my ear

Or lift my fingers at the keyboard

Just so

I listen to random conversations

Or the wind in the trees

For something to transform to the page

I look for images

That I can capture

And decorate with words

At times, I join forces

Hunt in packs

Reaching out across the world

For inspired collaboration

But mostly it’s a solitary search

Patiently waiting in my blind

For easy prey to saunter into view

Where I can skewer them with my pen

Or gun down with automatic weapons

Machine gun rattle of keystrokes bursting open stillness

My trophy wall is pages deep

Shimmering ideas pinned beneath a frame

Evidence of a successful hunt

A promise of more to come

I am on the hunt, constantly


David Trudel    © 2012




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