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These churches of the inside out

Convinced of their supremacy

And entrenched beliefs

Profess their love but celebrate their hate

Of others and of differences

Using fear and threats of retribution

Projecting narrow views on limitless creation

Chorusing anger at the unconvinced

For no good reason but to cover up their doubts

With screams and fist pumps of defiant mobs

Who give up reason for the comfort of a cause


These churches of the inside out

Hide behind myths, legends and holy books

Which have more holes than wholesome thoughts

Transforming love to hate

Raising intolerance to a virtue

Suppressing dissension and philosophical exploration

With the riot police of the religious wrong standing firm

Against freedom and choice

Trying to perform their own miracle of transformation

By calling evil good and good a sin

Proselytizing through obfuscation and misdirection


These churches of the inside out

Upside down in their revisionism

Making sacraments of negativity and blind zeal

Disregarding any other points of view

Of infinity’s creation

Most of which is quite content to be unchurched

Connected at the source to divinity within



David Trudel   ©  2013





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There is no normal

People talk about it though

We classify and stratify endlessly

Micro to macro

All this sorting and sifting

Makes us forget that everything

Is extraordinary and unique

A pathway to the universe

When you find the trail

But in our parochial patriotism

Prejudice becomes the paradigm

We say this group of people

Are normal

And that group of people


No wonder Dr. Seuss had such a long career

We make such great material

People, every single one of us

Are special

We all have different abilities




So let’s not say normal but

Differently abled, all included


Give up bigotry, racism, prejudice, and misogyny


Let’s try equality



David Trudel  © 2012



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