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Janus Place

This is a place of two directions

Where sounds are paired

Like a call and response

Chimes ring in softened doublets

Calling in twinned tones

This is a place of two intentions

Some entering to never leave again

Others here for healing and rebirth

A place of fear, pain and ultimate loss

A refuge for repair, healing and hope reclaimed

This is a place of mixed emotions

Where despairing sobs collide with laughter’s joy

Where elevators ascend to heaven and descend to hell

Carrying all, without the price of Charon’s coin

Into a timeless realm beyond the veil



David Trudel  © 2013



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my backyard park

I am so thankful I live where I do, beside a tranquil remnant of the original landscape, where I feel safe enough to walk the trails and appreciate the views at any time of day or night.  It’s a Janus park; one side facing the city and the other looking at farms and forest and a range of hills. Of course, there is always some element of risk since branches do fall with great frequency and cougars have been known to visit but overall, it is pretty safe.  As far as the human element goes, the park’s trails are patrolled by the neighboring dog owners, and a few others like myself and it is simply just not used by anyone else. So I am able to wind my way through the looping trails not worrying much about immediate danger, but instead having the luxury to ponder some ideas that may or may not lead to something to write about.


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