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Haiku – January 2

perching, a cormorant

is a question on the water

marking time and place



David Trudel   © 2014



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In the tempered glow of moonlight

We make our way to lake’s edge

Where crude benches sport a crop of boots growing like magic weeds

Magic is palpable tonight

As the full moon illuminates icy planes

Where bladed dancers pirouette

And the unrink where shouts and slaps reverberate

As hockey teams form and reform playing boisterously into the night

This deep into winter the ice is thick

Still, snapcracks startle when a fissure leaps across the crystalline surface

For a moment our faith is tested

We wonder if our godlike powers of waterwalking are hollow after all

But that thought is as fleeting

As the meteor that arcs across the sky overhead

Unnoticed by skaters whose eyes sparkle in the cold light

Charmed into the out time of wonder

Eternally frozen into a perfect moment



David Trudel  © 2013




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Still water reflecting infinity

I use its surface for my page

Tracing words that become ripples

Submerging each thought

Into the wellspring beneath



David Trudel  ©  2013




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Blued gray wavelets dance2013-03-17 15.24.26

Wind sprites dervish randomly

Trees bend branches close



David Trudel   © 2013


Image taken by the author, Beaver Lake, using an iPhone 3G



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Sunday stroll around the lake

Time to air

Tumbled thumped


Dripping wet

With worry sweat


Up ahead dog walkers

Tangle the trail

A woman

Struggles with her leashed hurricane

Who obviously wants a full on canine

butt sniffing hello

Not a polite passing

Looks a lot like Congo, I thought

As I approach I realize

That it is


My ex-dog

My ex-wife

And the new boyfriend

Nice day for a walk we agree

Slip the dog a treat

Walk on




Emotional spin cycle


Extraneous worries

Trusting gravity’s



New moon rise

On the horizon


Invigorating things, walks



David Trudel  ©  2012




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