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You tagged me in your post

Corralled me into a herd

Said you are with me

Or against me

I can’t be that specific

I value freedom


Rule of law

Justice for all

The separation of church and state

So when I am stampeded

I jump the fence

And bolt

The American Taliban can’t rule my life

I stand supra religiosity

Freedom to believe is what I crave

Extended to all

Equal rights without caveats

Freedom of choice

Politics shouldn’t be about prayer

The state has no business in





Or oak trees in the woods

The state should make sure the infrastructure

Is adequate

The state should make sure the playing field

Is equal

Then back off

As I back off from




David Trudel  © 2012





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It depends if you need love

Or freedom more

If you find love

Say goodbye to liberty

If you give away your heart

It’s like walking into a cell

Of your own volition

Slamming the door shut behind you

When freedom shows up

When the sentence is punctuated


You’ll be free

At liberty and at loose ends

Free to look for another prison

Another person

Prison person

Tethered hearts

Dyad, not alone

Mourning your lost liberty


David Trudel   © 2012




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