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I was thinking of you on my walk

Not an uncommon pastime

But fraught with danger


But now I pre-sedate each thought

By chanting a safety mantra

Remote and unattainable

Remote and unattainable

Remote and unattainable

Before I continue thinking of you




And with a strange swirl of happy sad


Remembering fun

Creative passion fueling fires

Spinning thoughts and ideas

Bouncing words back and forth



Like some kind of Olympic sport



But going from the light of a cosmic supernova

To a compact fluorescent

Is about as appetizing as eating an elephant platter


Hold the fries and pass a fork


I’ll dim the lights and light a candle


What’s that song, can you hum a few chords?





David Trudel   © 2012



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Love’s Beggar (revised to include Intoxicated)

Love’s Beggar (revised to include Intoxicated)


You intoxicate me, with effervescent verse and beguiling charm

Your honeyed nectar is all I need to upset my equilibrium

Leaving me unsteady on my feet

Panhandling for your love’s small change

Grateful for each thinworn dime

And if I have to use the tin cup of the sightless

It’s only because I was blinded by the radiance

Of your soul’s delightfulness

I tap my way to the town square, sightless

White cane in hand, searching

Finally, a granite curb curls around the wishing well

Where I unbundle my light burden

Collect my tin cup and its measly treasures

One by one I cast each thinworn dime and stinted penny

Over the edge with an unspoken wish

Staying silent in a sacred exchange of spells and coin

Needing all the magic I can find in this sightless blackness

I cast my wishes, hopes and dreams into the void

Sight unseen

And when the cup is emptied out

I stand for hours casting wishes

Without the silvered price of hope’s admission

And as the wishes fall beneath still waters deep

I turn away and begin another lonely walk

To where I’ll camp outside your door

My cup proffered for your rewards

Hoping that this is the day you’ll invite me in

To share your warmth and ease my pain

And with your gentle touch, cure this blindness

To let me see your sweet face again


David Trudel   © 2012



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