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Surgery Day

Today I am having heart surgery to replace my aortic valve. For the past while I’ve been writing poems that allude to this and the stages I’ve been going through along the way.  I’m sure some folks are thinking that it’s kind of odd to write poetry about a health issue but I don’t believe poetry should just be confined to themes of love and beauty.  There seems to be a pervasive fear to discuss and write about our human frailties so I see this as an opportunity to explode this shibboleth through poetic self-expression.


I am blessed to be living in a country that has a public health system, where I am able to access excellent care for almost no cost.  I have every confidence in the medical staff at the Royal Jubilee Hospital here in Victoria and I’ll be attempting to take notes and continue to write through my convalescence.


Thank you for all the warm wishes,


Love to all,






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Small Works and Misdemeanors

Small works and misdemeanors

In matters of the heart

Assault and poetry

The necromancer’s art

Used his pen to break the lock

Forced his way into your heart

Assaulted you with flattery

Tagged the walls of your defenses

With ink that broke them all apart

Didn’t care about the rules

Doesn’t care about the law

Didn’t care about convention

It’s always criminal intention

In matters of the heart



David Trudel   ©  2012






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