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Some lessons need unlearning

Like today’s headlines

“Man arrested for killing grandmother in argument over which TV show to watch”

I’d start there with the unlearning

Then there are the tyrants who blandly prevaricate

Red herring stories planted to mislead and inflame

Resource extraction replacing the language of environmental disaster

But not the consequences

I need to unlearn the lesson of false love

Mendacious half-truths costumed in a rented gown

Love’s hope giving it the big lie

Let’s unlearn fear

And give up our personal arsenals

Put aside the rage built of hatefilled passion

Unlearn the buttons that push blanket responses

Unlearn the herd

And learn to think independently for a change

Based on evidence, not conjecture and assumption

Unlearn the acceptance of the status quo

Unlearn unchecked consumption

Unlearn the lessons of the lost and damned

Unlearn the sad truths of despair

Unlearn oppression

Unlearn exploitation

Some lessons need unlearning



David Trudel   ©  2013




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Future Imperfect

She approaches the keyboard with trepidation

Not sure how to respond

Aware that this symphony

Is still forming under the dual hands of she

And him

Somewhere in


A nameless void

Where nothing is real and mendacity prevails


Such a touch

The caress of a message

Passing for what amounts to intimacy

In the brave new world

In this world that hurtles into the apocalypse

Singing show tunes on American Idol

While the polar ice melts

And beyond the tipping point

The abyss

And with all that

With all that, she

Hits delete



David Trudel  © 2012







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