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shooting star

under starshine you glow

mithril strong

a crescent moon

slices my heart


while gentle waves tug

sending aural strokes


along the dark

wet margin

where we walk

inhaling salt tang

absorbing each moment

with every sense



behind you a meteor streaks

falling into

the realm of promises and dreams

dusting magic

into my eyes



David Trudel   ©  2014



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In my shameless vanity I stand up to challenge the night

Cloudless, for once unmasked

Unhidden during a celestial event

Early night conspires to lessen the glimmer

While I scan for lightstreaks and shimmers



Using the same non sense as when you look for sprites and shades


Delicate traceries vanish backwards into infinity

I try to read the constellations

But I’m illiterate

Yet intrigued by this notion

Of looking into the deepest past to foretell the future

Such charmed illogic

Is quantum proof of time’s synchronicity

So I wave at the night

Connect and disconnect to a million myriads of stars and portents

One more vain speck

Alone in the universe


David Trudel  ©  2013



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dark of night

sitting on my blanket on a rock

stars overhead

streaking lights worth a wait

night darkens

more stars arrive in the black panoply

for real now

stars fall freely


I watch the light of yesterday

yesterday so far away


now I watch

now I wait


each streaking light

each piece of heaven fallen to earth

brings me up into the sky

up there

where the stars fly

it’s dark on my rock

as I linger in the night

watching stars


to earth



David Trudel    © 2012





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