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It’s all distorted

The news

Facts pushed and pulled into rumors

Truth’s elasticity stretching beyond is to isn’t

Until we are left to question everything


Trust is collateral damage

When journalism disappears

Beneath a tide of economic interests

Suppressing any story deeper

Than the shallow but well dressed puppets who read

Soft spun press releases

Promoting depredations of resource extraction

Or the need to cut more social programs

To pay for tax reductions


So the stories we are fed

Are cats being rescued from trees

Stormy weather

The twin circuses of sports and entertainment

And the illusion of being included

In the bogus democracy of global corporatism



David Trudel    © 2013



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Letter to the Editor

Your eyes flash starbright

Intent with interest

Open to something new

Or happy with familiar old

Observing the scene with a practiced literacy


Pairs recombine into clusters

Then break up into singletons

Your eyes read past the headlines

Into the backstories

Carried by this mainstream flesh press

A broadsheet of humanity

Edited by fate

Published by reality

Freely available on any streetcorner



David Trudel   © 2013



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