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Once I was a photon travelling white hot screaming

Through starbody explosions intensifying into excitement

Then slipping past sentries flinging overfenced escaping

Into the night sky’s cold blackness

Sped into a measureless void heralding the heat of creation

Into dark corners radiating warmth with a promise of more

Once I was molten churning magma ooze

Running red hot through mantle crust

To arrive fluidly into a fixation of granite

Where I stood grounded and surrounded

Until I was ground down by elemental others

Chipped and hacked into boulders and rocks

Crumbled into smallness of sand

Populating deserts and beaches and playgrounds

Where I became the world for three year olds with toy trucks

Who extrapolated me into highways and mines

That grew inside the fertile minds of innocence as yet unbound

Once I was a dewdrop that slipped from tiny leaf

Into a mere suggestion of a stream

Rubbing shoulders with my brothers

As we tumbled slid from stream to creek to river to sea

Where I was transcended through evaporation

Into the sky to join water angels skydancing cloudbodied

Shapeshifting through windrivers

Until gravity tapped my shoulder and I fell to earth

Where I rest in moistened communion with everything

That I have been part and apart of

Everything connected somewhere somewhen somehow

Once I was this moment


David Trudel   © 2013

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Photon Thoughts

Synapses fire

Snapping off rapid fire shots of random thoughts

Which ricochet off walled up mindguards

Some of them

Broken up into fragments

Or buried in the dark void of forgetfulness

Some lonely few coalesce into ideas

Which may or may not require actions

Like expressions

Some kind of release

Some kind of ejection

Like photons traversing the interior of the sun

Then bursting from the surface to flare into eternity

A few slamming into earth just eight minutes later

Small wonder they burn

With the rage of interrupted space voyagers

Deprived of further shores



David Trudel  ©  2013



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The intelligence of light is clear

Light does not equivocate or stop to make judgments

Light doesn’t require self-reflection

It achieves its optimal speed and sticks with it

Travelling at a rate so constant we measure time by it

And although it can be bent and refracted

For the most part light is steadfast

Illuminating everything it touches

With the brilliance of starshine

If we can’t yet understand light’s language

Doesn’t mean that there isn’t one

Where photons sing cosmic chords imbued with primal meaning

Harmonizing down waves from yesterday’s source to tomorrow’s maybe

Communicating the essence of discovery

Without pretense or dissembling

Light is nothing but light



David Trudel   ©  2013



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Solar Flare

I thoughtprobe behind my eyelids

Seeking a way to touch your mind

Reaching out mentally, desperately

Attempting to ascend the astral plane

To launch my soul’s essence on a wave to you

But I am stymied

Bound within myself

My core exploding countless thoughts and dreams

Each moment contains a universe unleashed

This heat and boundless energy corralled

By the gravity of the overburden of this life


In the crucible of flame all is pulverized

Reduced to the essentials

Those isolated particles dance and bounce

Conspiring to send love’s photons on their radiant journey

But first they crawl

Held back and blocked

By burdensome thoughts

Fears and barriers unseen

But the radiance of love persists

Inevitably navigating to the surface edge

Where, with explosive flare

Love bursts the tension of existence

To fly across time and space

To shower warmth on your sweet and gentle face

A celestial greeting

A solar kiss


David Trudel  © 2012



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