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Truck Parade

Here in Victoria, one of the more curious Christmas traditions has got to be the annual truck parade.  The local trucking industry gets together and has a parade of festively decorated trucks crawl along one of the main roads out of town to one of the suburbs where they are part of a charity event.  Along the way, the drivers keep up an incessant honking of horns, mostly of the basso profundo variety, punctuated by the odd siren or two.

Tonight, my after dinner walk started with a close encounter with a raccoon, who quickly shimmied up a tree to stare at me eye to eye. Interspecies communication is perplexing sometimes, as it was tonight, so I rambled on. Soon enough the silence was broken by the distant cacophony of the trucks.  The noise the horns produce can be described as charmingly obnoxious, kind of annoying but at the same time endearing, in a folksy kind of way.

Like most of the northern hemisphere we are experiencing cold weather but tonight the clear skies more than made up for the frosty temperature.  The night sky was absolutely stunning, considering that the hill rests at the edge of a modestly sized provincial capitol. Tonight the stars shone bright against the void, only slightly dimmed by a not quite quarter moon and the carpet of lights that defines the urban environment. Hilltop views at night are awesome wherever you are. Here on the edge of the Pacific Ocean we also have the benefit of having some of the cleanest air on the planet, which adds to the overall experience. I digress.

So I was at one of my favourite vantage points, staring out past the lights of the city, looking over the horizon to people I care about and places I love and places I’ve never seen, looking up at the sky at a swirl of starlight and I pondered the antiquity of each twinkle. All the while the truck drivers pounded their horns, blasting random bursts of sonic energy or leaning on a note like a tightfisted preacher.

It was sort of annoying and distracting but I tried to let it roll through me and over me.  I looked into the archive of creation, the distant stars and galaxies and whatever lies beyond and the honking of the horns prompted me to understand that all those distant lights from long ago must have been accompanied by epic noise.  Those tiny lights all represent enormous explosions of energy and matter and somewhere those sounds still reverberate. At that moment I was able to transcend my annoyance with the intrusion of honking horns by using them as proxies for the symphony that accompanied the creation of those distant lights. For a moment, a brief moment, I heard the music of the spheres.


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it’s insistent

with that fucking click click


bothers me

but what the

oh yeah

other shit to worry about

big stuff

like the fate of the world

click click

like transcendence into

some paranormal ether connected to




shuttling between now

and then

between possibilities


between realities


quantum leaps

quantum French kisses into


somewhere else





where your mind plays as lightly as your fingers

on me


where I play


on your spine


licking time

into submission


one more time


David Trudel      ©  2013

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Time’s End

At time’s end

There will be an instant of great compression

An implosion of all matter and antimatter

Into a single point in the multiverse

A perfect parenthesis to bracket the bang

A reunion of stellar superlatives

Everything and nothing

The space between the lines

And the lines

Billions of years of becoming and unbecoming

We will learn to be we

The wisdom of all will be shared

As will failings and shortcomings

We will remember oneness

There will be no more loneliness

We are all part of everything

We will be together

At time’s end



David Trudel      ©   2013



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It’s no bother that my words are hollow

Nothing is ever as solid as it seems

Meaning is always elusive between us

Each interpretation derives from its perspective

I’ll never know just what you think

Words are only approximations

For things we never truly see



David Trudel   © 2013



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It’s all about fragments

Small pieces of everything

Becoming and unbecoming

Randomly mixing

Fixing into stasis momentarily

Until transformation happens inevitably


We all know the solitude of raindrops

A journey from birth to death

Falling from the heavens to the depths

But we forget the ocean we came from

And to which we’ll return


We look around entranced by illusions

Thinking that there’s permanence in this collective delusion

Forgetting that matter is mostly space

When you look into it


And in the long thrum of the ages

The most monotonous beat is change

Blending everything that ever was

Into everything that will ever be


The particles that make us real

Come from everywhere

Inside us all are memories of primordial seas

Mysterious creatures that we’ve never dreamed

Rocks and trees and dinosaurs

All live on inside our cores


Not just the past

But every future possibility

Echoes in our veins

We just need to learn to listen

To the eternal resonance of creation



David Trudel  ©  2013



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Quantum Computers

There are these quantum computers available

If you can spare the ten million or so it’ll cost you

They are able to go beyond binary thinking

Using supercooled processors they use the laws of quantum


Ambiguity rules since they can be yes, no, maybe so

Able to exist in the opposite state simultaneously

Turning accountants into poets

Who no longer have to be black and white about things

But can consider gray as a possibility (which will drive auditors crazy)

Unfortunately their clients have been mostly governments and corporations

Those quantum computers are probably being used for military purposes

Or developing strategies to maximize the profitability of resource extraction

And other even less benign schemes


But wouldn’t it be fun to get one for poets and philosophers to use

Asking eternal questions in quantum space

Exploring all the contradictions inherent in our flawed condition

We could distill all the music that really moves us into a single harmonic jewel

Peel away all the layers of fact until we’re left with just our own fiction

Watch pinhead ballets by infinities of angels

Or come to the conclusion that conclusions are illusions

So let’s crowd source an investment in one for fun

Set up an online philosopher’s café and an open microphone for the poets

Quantum computing truth in every dimension



David Trudel  ©  2013



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Everything From Nothing

As a poet, I enjoy using cosmic metaphors.  I am not a scientist however and I recognize that it’s important to stay current with physics and cosmology and so I was thrilled to attend a brilliant lecture this evening.


Landsdowne Public Lecture

Wednesday, April 3rd at 7:00 pm in the Bob Wright Centre, Room A104

Professor Carlos Frenk (Durham University)

Will present a lecture entitled “Everything from nothing, or how our universe was made”

Cosmology confronts some of the most fundamental questions in the whole of science. How and when did our universe begin? What is it made of?  How did galaxies and other structures form?  There has been enormous progress in the past few decades towards answering these questions. For example, recent observations have established that our universe contains an unexpected mix of components: ordinary atoms, exotic dark matter and a new form of energy called dark energy. Gigantic surveys of galaxies reveal how the universe is structured.
Large supercomputer simulations recreate the evolution of the universe and provide the means to relate processes occuring near the beginning with observations of the universe today. A coherent picture of cosmic evolution, going back to a tiny fraction of a second after the Big Bang, is beginning to emerge. However, fundamental issues, like the identity of the dark matter and the nature of the dark energy, remain unresolved.






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Quantum Love

Quantum physics explains a lot about love

Wave theory certainly applies

As starbright breakers roll over us

Souls swept up in a tidal rush

The heat of our affection

Obeys the law of thermal equilibrium

And the principle of equipartition

Cosmic inflation of feelings occur

The big bang

Leads the way

To unification

So when the quantum of my love collides with yours


Is inevitable


David Trudel  © 2012



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